Gilbert Dlutchover and Fernando Ribeiro
Ryan Jasper and David Newman
2nd Degree 
9 Sept 2017
2nd Degree
26 Oct 2017
2nd Degree
23 Jan 2017
2nd Degree
4 Aprl 2018
2nd Degree
26 July 2018
Pictured from left Gilbert Dutchover, Grand Knight Mark Shutters and Fernando Ribeiro. Congratulations to Gilbert and Fernando.
Pictured from left District Deputy No. 12 Brad Howard, Ryan Jasper, Grand Knight Mark Shutters and David Newman. Congratulations to Ryan and David.
From left James L. Rosier, Archbishop Neale Council, 2279; Robert W. Boarman, Holy Ghost Council, 11484; and Mike Gekas, Dr. John Henry Griffin Council, 2293. Congratulations to James, Robert and Mike.
On Thursday, 26 October 2017  brother knights, left, William Krug and far right Michael Pheulpin became 2nd degree knights.  Grand Knight James Hojnowski and Deputy Grand Knight Justin Meeder congratulate  Bill and Michael.
From left, Keith Smoot, Gary Swann and Nicholas Shutters advanced to 2nd Degree Knights on 23 January 2017. Congratulations.
On Wednesday 4 April 2018 5 brothers advanced to 2nd degree knights at a ceremony at Archbishop Neale School. Congratulations to, from left, Brian, Sylvester Greer, Walter Sarafin, Stephen Stiles, Jr. and Patrick Bumbray.
On Thurdsay 26 July 2018 two brothers advanced to 2nd degree knights at a ceremony at Sacred Heart Church Friendship Room. La Plata. Congratulations to Clarke Peacock and Father Robert Kilner. Pictured from left, Grand Knight James Hojnowski, 4th from left Clarke Peacock, Father Robert Kilner, District Deputy #12 Stepen Law, Deputy Grand Knight Justin Meeder and Former District Deputy Phil Tabbita.