Simon Yammine
Andrew Patterson
John Rollison
Logan Schneider
Michael Pheulpin
18 Oct 2017
Kyle Ayers
14 Nov 2017
Shutters, Swann and Bumbray
20 Dec 2017
Joseph Thomas and Stephen Stiles, Jr. 
5 Feb 2018
Walter Sarafin
8 March 2018
​18 May 2019
Father Clifford and Clarke Peacock
26 July 2018
Alan Harris
Patrick Murnane
Patrick Murnane
First Degree Exemplilfication at Sacred Heart Church on May 4, 2017. 
Pictured from left is DGK James Hojnowsi presenting 1st Degree certificate and congratulating our new brother knight, Simon Yammine. 

Grand Knight James Hojnowsk, left, congratulates Logan Schneider on becoming a 1st  and 2nd degree knight on Tuesday 1 Aug 2017.
 First and Second Degrees at McDonough Council, Pomfret, MD on Tuesaay 1 August 2017. 
New members are Anthony McGrath and Leon Gilmore of Griffin Council No. 2293; Gabriel Vasquez and Cliff Scott,  of McDonough Council No. 12128 and Logan Schneider of Archbishop Neale Council No. 2279.
​​Brother John Rollins, wife Donna, their daughter, Mae, and son, Conner, became Archbishop Neale Council's 226th family on Wednesday, 11 May 2016 when John became a1st Degree Knight. Congratulations to John and his family and wish them a happy and productive membership. They are members of Sacred Heart Catholic Church and their childn attend Archbishop Neale School.
New First Degree Knight, Andrew Patterson, center. GK Stephen Stiles, leflt and DD No. 12 Phil Tabbita, left congratulate Andrew.
From left, New First Degree Knights, Michael Pheulpin, William Krug and  GK James Hojnowski. Congratulations to Michael and William. 
Front row left, Michael Pheulpin and William Krug. Second row left, Logan Schneider, Stephen Spadafora, GK Tom Meyer, James ONdrish, Antonio Ribeiro and Andrew Havrilla. third row left, DGK Justin Meeder, PGK Peter Czupryna and GK James Hojnowski.
From left, Deputy Grand Knight, Justin Meeder; New First Degree Knight, Kyle Ayers and Grand Knight, James Hojnowski. Kyle became a 1st degree Knight on 14 Nov at Our Lady Help of Christian Church Hall. ​Congratulations to Kyle and welcome to  the  council.
Grand Knight, Stephen Law, Griffin Council, congratulates new First Degree Knight, Leroy Pilanter. Leroy became a 1st degree Knight on 14 Nov at Our Lady Help of Christian  Church Hall. ​Congratulations to Leroy and welcome to  Griffin council.
From left, Past Grand Knight, Mark Shutters with his son Nicholas Shutters.  Nicholas just turned 18 and will begin college this fall.
From left, Grand Knight, James Hojnowski; New First Degree Knights, Patrick Bumbray,  Nichols Shutters and Francis Swann. They became 1st degree Knights on 20 December 2017 at St. Joseph's Church Hall, Pomfret, MD. ​Congratulations and welcome to  the  council.
 From left, brother knight, Dale Thomas, father of Joseph Thomas, Grand Knight, James Hojnowski and Stephen Stiles, Jr.  Joseph and Stephen became 1st Degree Knights on Monday, 5 Feb. 2018 at a ceremony held at the Archbishop Neale School, La Plata. Congratulations to Joseph and Stephen.
Pictured at left - Brother Walter Sarafin receives 1st Degree Certificate from GK James Hojnowski.
On Thursday, 8 March 2018 at  Archbishop Neale School, La Plata, Walter Sarafin, left, top row, became a 1st Degree Knight.  Congratulations Walter! Pictured from left front row, Albert Ribeiro, James Ondrish, Antonio Ribeiro, Perry Giovacchini, Justin Meeder, DGK, Peter Czupryna, PGK, and Daniel Durkin. Top row right, James Hojnowski, Grand Knight.
On Thursday, 26 July 2018 at  the Sacred Heart Church Friendship Room , La Plata, Father Thomas Clifford and Clark Peacock became 1st Degree Knights.  Congratulations Father Clifford and Clarke.  Pictured from left Grand Knight James Hojnowski, Father Clifford, Clarke Peacock and Depuity Grand Knight Justin Meeder.​​​​
On Saturday, 18 May 2019, at Archbishop Neale School , La Plata, Richard Williams, Nathaniel Link and Andrew Cheng, became 1st Degree Knights.  Congratulations!  Pictured from left, front row, are Albert Ribeiro, FDD #12 Phil Tabbita, Stephen Stiles, Jr., Antonio Ribeiro, new brother knights, Richard Williams, Nathaniel Link and Andrew Cheng. Back row, from left, are Larry MIller, PGK Peter Czupryna, Grand Knight James Hojnowski, Michael Mickey and Nicholas Shutters. Also attending, but not shown, are Walter Sarafin, Stephen Spadafora and PGK Gerry Brosco.​​​​
Photo by Walter Sarafin
The Knights of Columbus, Archbishop Neale Council, No. 2279 hosted a First Degree Ceremony at Archbishop Neale School on 24 October 2019. Congratulations and welcome to new brother knight Alan Harris. Pictured from left, front row, new brother knight Alan Harris, James O'Neill and Dan Bearden. From left, back row, John Rollison, PGK Stephen Stiles, Sr., GK James Hojnowski and James Ondrish.
Knights of Columbus, Archbishop Neale Council, No. 2279 hosted a First Degree at Archbishop Neale School Cafeteria on Wednesday 9 October 2019. Welcome and congratulations to new brother knight Patrick Murnane. From left front row; PGK Joseph Haggerty, Patrick Murnane, Albert Ribeiro, Antonio Ribeiro and James O'Neill. Back row from left, DGK Perry Giovacchini, Henry (Gus) Tolson, GK James Hojnowski, PGK Stephen Stiles, Sr. Daniel Bearden and Walter Sarafin.​​