Right to Life August 2017
 Maryland Right To Life
July 2017

     This past Saturday, the 15th of July, the Knights of Columbus, MDRTL, and parishioners from Sacred Heart Church (La Plata) installed the 6th Cemetery of the Innocents for 2017 in Maryland (the 314th memorial since 2004) at Sacred Heart Church.

     I want to thank the pastor, Father Larry Swink of Sacred Heart Church and Pro-Life Coordinator, Andrew Blumhardt for their strong defense of life and their support for this Memorial for the unborn babies by allowing this memorial.

     Thanks also to Steve Law, Mike Surfus, Ray Dunn, Paula Taylor, Andrew Blumhardt, Karen, Gabby, Trey, Emily, and Ben Cross, Don Larson, David Gouge, and Mike Jones for taking down the crosses at St. Mary's.  It was 98 degrees when we finished--we finished in record time...28 minutes.

     Special thanks also to Steve Law, Don Larson, Mike Jones, and Paula Taylor for transporting the crosses to Sacred Heart from St. Mary's.

     I also want to thank Jim McFillin (with all the know-how and tools), Fernando Ribeiro, David Gouge, Andy Havrilla, Alex and Jason Lapinski, Andrew Blumhardt, Jim O'Neill, Don Larson, Jason Allison, Eric and Maggie Sullivan, Bob Boudreaux, and Rebecca Franch for marking the field and putting up the crosses and sign.  The temperature at "game time" was 82 degrees...still plenty warm, but much cooler than the day before when we took the crosses down.I also want to thank the Pastor (Father Larry Swink) and Associate Pastor (Father Bobby Kilner) for blessing the memorial.

     There was plenty of help on both days--I hope I did not miss anybody.

     Sid Marcus, Chairman
     Charles County Rigfht to Life