Knights of Columbus
Archbishop Neale Council, No. 2279
Instituted 19 June 1921

The fraternal year is almost history. To some it may have been an eternity, to others, short.  From my stand point it progressed at a variable pace. When many things had to be done, it went fast, other times slower.

We did not reach all the goals I had hoped for; however, I do believe it was a good year. The fraternal year began with all grand knights of the district attending the Grand Knight Seminar at Mt. St. Mary's University. All were impressed by the work and dedication put into the event. They also enjoyed meeting the other grand knights in the district. The seminar was helpful in getting the district off to a good start. It was instrumental in all councils being able to contribute to the State Deputy's motto, "We are called to serve."

All of the councils participated fully in the "Surge with Service" programs. Truly dedicated members from all councils planned and completed programs in the areas of Church, Community, Council, Family, Pro-Life and Youth.

I want to thank the grand knights, officers, members and their families for their support. All of the Installations went well and the receptions that followed were very well planned. My sincere thanks to the parishes that supported the installations and the support they provided throughout the year.

I was proud to see all the grand knights in the district at the 112th  Meeting of the Maryland State Council at Ocean City, MD on May 14, 15 & 16. None of them had ever been to a State Convention. I  think they all enjoyed the experience.

To all grand knights in the next Fraternal Year, I want to wish you and your councils the very best. I hope you can build on what was accomplished this year. I started out the year by stressing the importance of "Attitude". Attitude is everything - especially when it comes to effective leadership. Project a positive attitude, can-do attitude, and the members will respond with enthusiasm and action.  Project the opposite and the membership will be less inclined to participate. The four traits of an effective leader are vision, honesty, conviction and follow-up. The key word is preparation.

I ask the members of the council to come forth and give assistance to the extent possible. They need your help to continue the support of the parish and the community.

District 12 and Archbishop Neale council hosted a State Membership and Program Seminar at Archbishop Neale School. The success of the event was noted and it will be held there again in the coming fraternal year. My thanks to Council 2279 and the school staff for all the support provided that made the seminar such a success. Thanks to all our councils for attending and contributing to its success.

I want to thank Anthony "Tony" Myer for being the 2nd Degree team chairman. The team was recertified this year and does an excellent job. I want to thank District Warden, Joseph Hayden for his support. He made himself available when needed.

Last but certainly no least, I want to thank my wife, Patsy, for her support, assistance and understanding through long hours at the computer planning and and nights away at the many meetings that I attended.

Remember to honor the Flag of the United States on June 14th. I hope you fly the flag at home all the time.

The new District Deputy for the coming year is Philip Tabbita from McDonouigh Council 12128 and his warden is Brad Howard from Archbishop Neale Council 2279. I wish them much success in the coming year.


Attitude quote of the month:
"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."..............................Thomas Jefferson.

Vivat Jesus,
Brad Howard, DD #12

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Phil Tabbita, DD 12