Third Degree
31 January 2014
PGK Gerry Brosco and wife Pat ready to cut the beautiful cake created and donated to them by Mary Ellen Brown. It was scrumptious.
This beautiful cake was created and donated by Mary Ellen Brown for Pat and Gerry's 50th wedding anniversary. Thank you Mary Ellen for your kindness.
Ricky Dyer and wife Mary Jo and center Grand Knight Ryan Mudd.
Renee and Al Teeney.
From left Marti and Jim O'Neill.
Knights of Columbus
Archbishop Neale Council, No. 2279
Instituted 19 June 1921
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Brandon Rosier
Brandon Rosier, Jennifer, and Marcelino Santos.
Pete Czupryna, PGK and wife Debbie across from Pete and Pat Brosco
Joe Haggerty, PGK and Scott and Stacey Johnson.
Regan Johnson (white shirt), Megan Filardi (blue jeans) and Paul Filardi.
Ryan Mudd, DGK and daughter Molly.
Laurie Mudd and daughter Lucy.
Council Picnic 30 May 2009
Gilbert Run Park, LaPlata, MD
First Degree Archbishop Neale Council #2279 8 August 2007
Front row left Andy Mudd, Sean Kelley, John Posey, Marcelino Santos and Matthew Calvin.
Back row left Father Jerry Gamrot, Chaplain, Andy Pilkerton DD #12, Matt Laidley, PGK and Joe Haggerty GK.
First Degrees
First Degree 27 July 2005
From left Eugene Portner,  Br. Michael St. Jacques, Joshua Portner, Reed McDonagh and Father Bob Golas, Chaplain.
Back row Matt Laidley GK and Mark Shutters.
St. Thomas Manor Assembly No. 382 Fourth Degrees
Fourth Degree 22 March 2009
Humphrey Ridgely became Worthy Sir Knight.
39th 4th Degree Exemplification 22 March 2009
From right Sir Knight Humphrey Ridgely and Sir Knight John Wankowski, Faithful Navigator St. Thomas Manor Assembly #382.
4th Degree 2 March 2008
From left Sir Knights Adam Wuenschel and Joseph Bowling.
Star Council Award
2004 - 2005

Star Council Award 2004 St. Joseph's Church Hall, Pomfret, Maryland.
Grand Knight Greg Cross acknowledges the award.
From left Barbara Sherbert, State Deputy Richard L. Sherbert, Jr. and Grand Knight James F. Marron, Griffin Council #2293 receives Star Council Award also.
Star Council Award 2004 
From left Joan Tolson, Tim Moore, PGK FDD, Rosalyn Moore, Pat Brosco, Gerry Brosco PGK FDD, Phyllis and Tom Hutchinson.
Star Council Award 2004 -Charles County Commissioner Danny Mayer, PGK FDD Citation.
From left State Deputy Richard Sherbert, Andy Pilkerton, Grand Knights James Marron and Greg Cross, and District Deputy  No. 12 Ed Padgett.
Click on thumbnail for larger view with captions. 
Knight of the Year Award FY 2004 - 2005 
Matt Laidley GK presents Gerry Brosco PGK FDD the award at the installation of officers dinner.
From left Patricia Siejack, Richard Siejack MD State Council Treasurer, Tim Moore, PGK FDD and wife Rosalyn, Phylis Laidley and Father Karl Chimiak, Chaplain.
   2004 - 2005
Men of Charles County Annual Retreat at Loyola on
Weekend of 9-11 January 2009
Once again the Knights of Sacred Heart Parish were blessed with a wonderful weekend retreat at Loyola. We had 27 attend this year. Our goal is to fill the Retreat House.
Front row left Steve Posey, Frank Hughes, Michael Schreyer, Marc Lavery, Joe Bowling, Steve Spadafora, Jim Anderson and Chip Jowett.

Middle row left Humphrey Ridgely, Robert Barnas, Joe Norris, Gary Vaughan, PGK Pete Czupryna, JR West, Paul Schlereth and Ed Holland.

Back row left Bob Jacobs, Rick Szoch, Ricky Dyer, Bob Johnson, George Grooms, Hugh Gardiner IV, Andy Havrilla, Rich Robertson, Pat McGarry, Charles Wills and Karl Prigge.
Photo by Jim Anderson
Council Installation and Dinner - 2008 New Officers
In the front row, Randall Roberts, left, warden; Frank Hughes, treasurer; Ryan Mudd, deputy grand knight; Keith Vogel, grand knight; Gerry Brosco, past grand knight, financial secretary; and Anthony Perino, guard. In the back row are Joseph Haggerty, left, past grand knight, trustee; Matthew Laidley, past grand knight, lecturer/trustee; Marcelino Santos, recorder; Rev. Jaroslaw (Jerry) Gamrot, chaplain; Brandon Rosier, chancellor; and Curtis Birley, Jr., guard. Officers not shown are Patrick Devine, advocate; and David Portner, trustee.
From left Mrs. A. Pilkerton, Andy Pilkerton, District Deputy No. 12; Rev. Jerry Gamrot, chaplain; Keith Vogel, grand knight, Susan Vogel and Debbie Czupryna.
First Degree Archbishop Neale Council, No. 2279 8 July 2009.
Front row left Alex Teeney, Glenn Taylor, Travis Howard, Donald Kinsey, Joseph Scatina and Patrick Scott.
Back row left Al Teeney father of Alex, Ryan Mudd, GK, Johnny Norman, DD #12, and Father Jerry Gamrot, Chaplain.
First Degree - Friendship Room SHC
Front row left new members Michael Vasquez, Gary Vaughan, Christopher Coughlan, Nathan Murphy and Grand Knight Ryan Mudd.
Back row left PGK Matthew Laidley, Chaplain, Rev. Jerry Gamrot, District Deputy #12 Johnny Norman and District Warden #12 Joseph Hayden.
St. Thomas Manor Assembly No. 382 Installaltion of Officers 2009 -2010
Front row left, Earl Thorne, Charles Smallwood, John Barnes, Humphrey Ridgely, Richard Dyer, Richard Bamberger, and Carmen Buccelli. Middle row left, Frank Lancaster, John Wankowski, Phillip Tabbita, Stevan Charnock, and George Cronin. Back row left, Anthony Colbert, Ernest Harley and John Winfrey. Seated is Edward Holland. Not shown are William Young, Jr. and David Gouge.
Knight of the Year Award
2008 - 2009
Installation of Officers Mass and Dinner 2009
Sacred Heart Church Friendship Room
50 Year Service Award
State Deputy Richard Siejack center with 50 years Service Award recipients left, Gary Echols and right Ed Sanders and wife Louise. Martha McKean in on Gary's right.
Front row left Brad Howard and wife Linda, Marcelino Santos and wife Jennifer. Back row left Curtis Birley with Knight of the Year plaque and wife June and Rev. Frederick MacIntyre.
Maryland State Deputy Richard Siejack and wife Pat.
Youth Group servers.
From left the Simpson brothers, Gary, Jr. and Christopher.
Phyllis Laidley,
America's Got Talent - Neale Council Lady Birds.
Curtis Birley, Knight of the Year Award recipient presents Pat Brosco with a bouquet of roses from he and wife June. Thank you Curtis and June.
So you think you can dance contestant, Matt Laidley, PGK.
Andy and Millie Havrilla.
Mary and Jim Anderson and Gail and Bob Seith.
 From left Mary and John Minichino, Mary Jo Cumberland and James Ondrish.
Dianne and Chuck Goodrich far right.
From left Lucy Clements, Randy, Lori and baby Lily Roberts.
Wearing green vests, District Deputy No. 12, Johnny Norman and wife Patsy, and District Warden No. 12 Joseph Hayden and his wife Linda.
Pat and Gerry Brosco, PGK enjoying a dance.
From left Steve and Lucy Clements, baby Lily, Lori and Randy Roberts.
From left Mary Joe and Ricky Dyer and Mary Minichino.
From left Jim O'Neill with flowered shirt and wife Marti.
Grand Knight Ryan Mudd present Curtis Birley with the Knight of the Year Award plaque.
Youth Group Servers. They did a wonderful job.
Maryland State Deputy Richard Siejack congratulates the council on its achievements and challenges the council to achieving double star council this fraternal year. From left Pat Siejack, PGK Matthew Laidley and wife Phyllis.
District Deputy No. 12 Johnny Norman acknowledges council achievements. From left Pat and Richard Siejack, MD State Deputy.
Grand Knight Ryan Mudd and wife Laurie.
Al Teeney and Rev. Frederick Mac Intyre.
PGK Matt Laidley, Rev. Robert Golas and Rev. Jerry Gamrott, Chaplain..
From left Millie Havrilla,Tina and PGK Michael Raymond and Linda and DW No. 12 Joseph Hayden.
Pat Brosco cutting the first slice of cake.
Center Jim O'Neill, left Karen and DGK George Grooms.
From center to left Mary Jo and Ricky Dyer, Mary and John Minichino, Mary Jo Cumberland and James Ondrish. Also Christopher Hune and wife Candace.
From left PGK Matt Laidley and wife Phyllis, Rev. Fred Mac Intyre, Rev. Jerry Gamrot, Chaplain, and Grand Knight Ryan Mudd and wife Laurie.
From left Linda and DW No. 12 Joseph Hayden, Patsy and DD No. 12 Johnny Norman, Pat and Maryland State Deputy Richard Siejack and PGK Matthew Laidley with microphone.
From left with blue dress Phyllis Hayden, Gerry Brosco, PGK, and wife Pat, Gary Echols, Louise Sanders and Ed Sanders.
 Blessing of Pat and Gerry Brosco's 50 years of marriage. From left Rev. Jerry Gamrot and Rev. Frederick Mac Intyre. Front pew the State Deputy, DD No. 12., DW No. 12 and their wives.
Grand Knight Ryan Mudd present Curtis Birley with the Knight of the Year Award plaque.
PGK Matt Laidley enjoying a chat and a cup of coffee.
SK Ricky Dyer and Marcy Santos with white hat.
Left Tony Holson, far right PGK Pete Czupryna.
 Charity Golf Tournament
Swan Point Yacht and Country Club
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From left, SK Ricky Dyer and PGK Pete Czupryna doing some administrative work.
From left SK Ricky Dyer and PGK Pete Czupryna.
Marcy Santos with white hat and PGK Matt Laidley with red jacket.
Photos by Michael Easter
     On Tuesday, October 20th, Council No. 2279 hosted a charity golf tournament to benefit the Maintenance and Facilities fund at Archbishop Neale School.  

     After a crisp start, the weather turned comfortable and led to a beautiful day.  89 golfers participated and enjoyed a great day of golf that included a putting contest, long drive and closest to the pin competition.  

     An exciting awards banquet concluded the day with a great meal consisting of BBQ chicken breast, pulled pork, baked beans, coleslaw, rolls and dessert.  

     A live auction was held with PGK Danny Mayer as the auctioneer which raised nearly $500.

     The golf committee of GK Ryan Mudd, DGK George Grooms, Butch Birley, PGK Pete Czupryna, Tony Holson, Marcy Santos, Jim O'Neill, Brad Howard and Joe Bowling would like to thank everyone for their support.  
First Degree Archbishop Neale School.
Front row left new members Sean Kelly from Dr. Griffin Council #2293 and Dominic Anastasi, Neale Council.
Back row left Steve Spadafora, Chaplain, Fr. Jerry Gamrot, PGK Matt Laidley, GK Ryan Mudd and DD#12 Johnny Norman.
Grand Knight Ryan Mudd presents Archbishop Neale School Principal Anne Hedian with a check for $6,829.53
First Degree Archbishop Neale School -Front row kneeling PGK Mathew Laidley.
Middle row left 1st degree new members Jack Salyers, Stephen Urso and Harold Reisinger - DD#12 Johnny Norman, PGK James Witthar.
Back row left PGK Pete Czupryna, Steve Spadafora, Chaplain Rev. Jerry Gamrot, GK Ryan Mudd.
From left front row new first degree members Scott Johnson and Jason Posey. From left back row GK Ryan Mudd, PGK Matt Laidley, DD#12 Johnny Norman, Steve Posey father of Jason, PGK Pete Czupryna, Steve Spadafora, and DGK George Grooms. New members not shown are Daniel Bowes and Daniel Durkin.
Family Picnic, Gilbert Run Park
8 August 2010
Hugh and Susan Gardiner with sons Charlie, Henry and James.
Jonathan Brouillette and family.
Pat Brosco and Millie and Andy Havrilla.
From left GK Ryan Mudd, Jennifer and Marcy Santos.
From left Marcy Santos, William Wannall and wife Laura.
From far left DGK George Grooms and wife Karen. Andy Havrilla and Millie Havrilla.
PGK Gerry Brosco.
Carol Larsen and grandson.
Deacon Al Graham and grandsons. Pat Brosco on right.
From left GK Ryan Mudd and Joe Bowling and Mia Bowlling.
GK Ryan Mudd's daughter and Joe Bowling's son Julian.
From left Don Larsen, Bob Jacobs, Carol Larsen and Maureen Jacobs and grandson.
From left Maureen Jacobs, Deacon Al Graham, Andrew Havrilla, Scott Johnson and Elisa Perino.
Joe Bowlling and son Julian
Karen Grooms and son Justin.
Anthony and Elisa  Perino and family.
Click on thumbnail for larger view with captions. 
PGK Joe Haggerty and daughters Marissa and Megan.
Joe Haggerty's grandson.
Joe Haggerty's daughter and grandson.
Second Degree 8 October 2008 Archbishop Neale Council #2279
Front row left Frank Jenkins, Sean Kelley, Christopher Simpson and John Posey.
Back row left Steve Spadafora and Jim Witthar PGK 2nd degree team members; Keith Vogel GK; Cal Bowie and Andy Pilkerton, DD#12
Second Degree 11 April 2007 Archbishop Neale Council #2279
2nd from left James O'Neill, Paul Filardi, John R. West, 3rd from right Gene Ambrogio and far right Dr. Guillermo Sanchez.
Back row center Matt Laidley, PGK
Far right outside group Terence Brown.
Second Degree 2 November 2006 Maurice J. McDonough Council #12128
Third from right Adam Wuenschel, Terence Brown and Andy Pilkerton DW#12; From left Pat Hall, DD #12 and Deacon Transue; kneeling Father Beaubien.
Second Degree at Archbishop Neale School 10 June 2009. Front row 2nd from left Al Teeney and from right Michael Paris, Archdiocese of Washington seminarian.
Second Degree at ANS on 9/9/09.
Front row left Eugene and Joshua Portnerm Glen Taylor
Back row left DGK George Grooms, Patrick Malherek, far right Joseph Scatina.
Second degree at ANS 9/9/09
Front row left Eugene and Joshua Portner, Glen Taylor.
Back row left Patrick Malherek and far right Joseph Scatina.
 Archbishop Neale Council - front row center with striped shirt, Dominic Anastasi.
Back row left DD#12 Johnny Norman, 3rd from right Frank Lancaster 2nd degree team member, GK Ryan Mudd and DGK George Grooms.
Archbishop Neale School - St. John F. Regis Council #7914
From left Bob Jackson; Mickey Dillow, GK; John Weaver; Roger Davis; Bill Sneeringer, F.S.; Jerry Hicks, DW(8), PGK; Bruce Newell; Dane Hanson; Tom Rocheleau; Howard Wentworth; Ray Faulstich, FDD, PGK; and Charlie Widmayer, Sr., FN (377), PGK.
DD #12 Johnny Norman presents Financial Secretary and PGK Gerry Brosco with a Second Degree Certificate certifying that the degree was conducted in his honor on 11 November 2009 at Archbishop Neale Council.
Front row from right Michael Vasquez
Middle row left DeLapaz, Scott Johnson, Nathan Murphy, Father Alain Colliou, Joshua Murphy and Matthew Murphy
Back row left Steve Willoby, DGK George Grooms, Chaplain Rev. Jerry Gamrot, Gary Simpson, II  and PGK Matt Laidley
Front row lelt DD#12 Phil Tabbita, PGK Matt Laidley, *Jonathan Bruillette, *Daniel Bearden, 2nd row left PGK Frank Lancaster, *Harold Reisinger, *Gary Vaughan, *Tom Nelson, *Frank Loomis, *William Wannall, 3rd row left Bill Facey, FDD#12 Johnny Norman, PGK Tony Myers. * = new 2nd degree member.
DD#12 Phil Tabbita presents FDD #12 with a certificate as honoree of the Second Degree held on 11 August 2010 at Archbishop Neale School.
Second Degrees
Click on thumbnail for larger view with captions. 
Click on thumbnail for larger view with captions. 
DC Hood - Archbishop Neale Council Basketball Game
Click on thumbnail for larger view with captions. 
Randy and Laurie Roberts.
PGK Matt Laidley and wife Phyllis.
From left DD#12 Phil Tabbita and GK Ryan Mudd.
At the podium DD#12 Phil Tabbita and State Deputy Peter Davio.
Brad Howard receives the Knight of the Year award from Grand Knight Ryan Mudd.
Center State Deputy Peter Davio.
From left DGK George Grooms and wife Karen.
From right Chaplain Rev. John Reutemann, Laurie Mudd and PGK Keith Vogel.
From right Chaplain Rev. John Reutemann, Laurie and GK Ryan Mudd.
Center PGK Keith Vogel.
From right DD #12 Phil Tabbita and Karen and DGK George Grooms.
From left Fernande & Deacon Albert Graham, PGK Joseph Haggerty, and Christopher and Candice Hume.
Teresa and Mark Shutters and Jim (not shown Marti) O'Neil.
Phyllis and PGK Matt Laidley.
Fron left Linda and Brad Howard, Denis and Christine Sullivan and Debbie and PGK Peter Czupryna.
Pat Brosco and PGK Gerry Brosco.
From left Laura (not shown Bill) Wannall, andJennifer and Marcelino Santos.
Installation of Officers Dinner
Cindy's Restaurant at Hawthorne
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Grand Knight Ryan Mudd receives the Membership Award Plaque from District Deputy #12 Phil Tabbita at a council meeting. PGK and Membership Director Matthew Laidley was the main recruiter.
2009 -2010 Membership Award
Click on thumbnail for larger view and caption.
Front row left DD#12 Phil Tabbita, new first degree members (Michael Pavan, Kenneth Cornet, Stephen Stiles and Michael Mohler) and Chaplain Rev. John Reutemann
Back row left PGK Peter Czupryna, GK Ryan Mudd, DGK George Grooms, Stephen Spadafora and PGK Matthew Laidley.
Council Flag Fooball
On Saturday, October 16th, 2010, Br. Mark Shutters and his wife Theresa hosted a Council flag football game at their beautiful home in Dentsville.  Many brother knights were in attendance along with their spouses and children. 

 It was a fantastic day for a game and the weather was absolutely perfect.  The teams led by captains Ryan Mudd and Matt Laidley were quite even, but in the end, Team Mudd came out on top.  Members of the team were:  Ryan Mudd, Chris Hume, Candi Hume, George Grooms, Justin Grooms, Mark Shutters, Marcy Santos, and Jennifer Santos.  No major injuries were suffered by anyone, except maybe some embarrassed pride in a number of instances.  Our "impartial" referee's for the event were Phyllis Laidley and Theresa Shutters. 

After the game, everyone enjoyed a fabulous potluck meal of chili, wings, salad and dessert.  

What a great time full of fellowship, competition and fun.  
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From left front row Justin Grooms, Jennifer Santos, Marissa Santos, Ryan Mudd and Laura Wannall.
From left back  row Candi Hume, George Grooms, Chris Hume, Matt Laidley, Mark Shutters, Dylan Santos, Daniel Bearden, Marcy Santos, Joe Bowling, Steve Bearden, Son of Bill Wannall & Bill Wannall.
From left Chaplain Fr. John Reutemann (new second degree members, 3rd from left Kenneth Cornet Archbishop Neale Council, 5th from left Brian Craley, Council # 1470) and last on right  DD#12 Phil Tabbita.
PGK Tony Myer center receives plaque as honoree of the 2nd degree from DD#12 PHil Tabbita on 10 Nov 2010 at  Archbishop Neale Council. Chaplain Fr. John Reutemann for Archibishop Neale Council congratulates Tony.
Front row left Chaplain Rev. John Reutemann, Steve Spadafora, 1st degree new members (Jack Mister & Henry Frakes, not shown Michael Barnas) DD#12 Phil Tabbita; back row left GK Ryan Mudd, PGK Matt Laidley, Joe Mister & PGK Jim Witthar.
Friendship Room, SHC 12 Jan 2011. New 2nd degree members, Stephen Urso, MIke Mohler, Daniel Durkin, Stephen Stiles, Michael Pavan, Henry Frakes.
Back row left DD#12 Phil Tabbita, PGK Frank Lancaster, GK Ryan Mudd, DGK George Grooms and PGK Matt Laidley, Photo by Brother Ken Cornet.
DD#12 Phl Tabbita presents PGK Ed Padgett with a Second Degree Certificate certifying the degree was conducted in his honor on 12 January 2011 in the Friendship Room, Sacred Heart Church. Photo by Brother Ken Cornet.
Front row left Daniel Bearden, Chaplain Fr. John Reutemann, and new 1st degree member Robert Bushman.
Back row left  Steve Spadafora, GK Ryan Mudd, State Regional Membership Chairman, Gil Boisvert,  DW Brad Howard and DD Phil Tabbita.
Front row 2nd from left DD#12 Phil Tabbita, new 1st degree brothers (Gaston Plante, Chris Clavelli and
 Robert Bruce), Steve Spadafora and William Needham.
Front row left New 2nd Degree members, Ronald Smith, Colin Sambells (5317), Antonio Ribeiro and Dylan Santos (2279).
Back row left Michael Maxey, DW #15, 4th from left New 2nd Degree member Victor Fernandes (3413), Al Ribeiro 
father of Antonio, Marcy Santos father of Dylan and GK Ryan Mudd.
Front row left New 1st Degree members, Ronald Smith, Colin Sambells (5317), Antonio Ribeiro and Dylan Santos (2279).
Back row left Michael Maxey, DW #15, 4th from left  new 1st degree member Victor Fernandes (3413), Al Ribeiro 
father of Antonio, Marcy Santos father of Dylan and GK Ryan Mudd.
Front row left: GK George Grooms, new brothers Yun Kim, Greg Portner, Sean Wannall and DD#12 Phil Tabbita.
Back row left, Stephen Spadafora,  new brothers Steven Proctor Council 4076, Chase Collins, Matthew Paesch and William Wannall father of Sean.
Front row left, DD#12 Phil Tabbita, #Rick Franklin, *Sean Wannall, *Chase Collins, and GK George Grooms.
Back row left, *Gaston Plante, PGK JFK Chuck Johnson, Bill Wannall (Sean's father).
#=New 2nd Degree Member JFK Council
*=New 2nd Degree Members,  Archbishop Neale Council.
Front left *Martin Redmond, *William Koday,* Patrick Salibi, and *Dave Page.
Back row left Phil Tabbita, Rev. John Reutemann, *Royston Voglezon, Matt Laidley, Mark Shutters, *John Henehan, *William Seckliki, *Jonathan, *Alexander and Alvaro Teeney. *=New 2nd degree member.
Front left *Martin Redmond, *William Koday,* Patrick Salibi, and *Dave Page.
Back row left Phil Tabbita, Rev. John Reutemann, *Royston Voglezon, Matt Laidley, Mark Shutters, *John Henehan, *William Seckliki, *Jonathan, Alexander and Alvaro Teeney. *=New 1st degree members.
From left DD 12 Phil Tabbita, new 2nd degree brother Brett O'Neill and his father Jim O'Neill and GK George Grooms. Congratulations Brett.
From left DD 12 Phil Tabbita, new 1st degree brother Brett O'Neill and his father Jim O'Neill and GK George Grooms. Congratulations Brett.
At Archbishop Neale School on 12 September 2012 from left Joseph Obi, John Hazel, DD#12 Brad Howard, William Handy and from Council 2279 Yun Kim.
Annual Seminarian Picnic 
2 August 2013
A beautiful day, Father Buchmeier's blessing,  plenty of good food (including 2 1/2 bushels of fresh Maryland crabs, which kept "crab alley" busy for 3 hours, drinks, music and lots of seminarians, 47 of them, characterize this year's event.

Our thanks to hosts, PGK Michael Raymond and  wife Tina, who again graciously offered their beautiful home and provided a catered dinner for this annual event . 

Our thanks also to the many people who helped  put this together, brother knights and family who helped with setup/takedown and other duties, GK Mark Shutters, DD #12 Brad Howard, PGK Matt Laidley, Anthony Perino, Joe Bowling, Gus Tolson, Jim Ondrish, John Hayden, Jim O'Neil, Brian O'Neil, Daniel Bearden, Matt Murphy, Daniel Murphy, Noel Edelen, Gary Simpson, PGK Bob Seith and PGK Gerry Brosco; wives who provided delicious appetizers; the K of C State Council and State Deputy William C. Kuchmas, III for the generous financial support; Father Robert Buchmeier for the use of tables and chairs from Sacred Heart Church; friend of the knights, Ruth Runyan for her dedicated culinary service each year; to our local priests, former chaplains, Father John Reutemann and Father Robert Golas, Chaplain Father Scott Holmer, Father Robert Kosty; Father Mark Smith and Deacon Al Graham; priests of the Archdiocese of Washington, Rev. Msgr Robert Panke, Rector, John Paul II Seminary and Father Carter Griffin, Director Priest Vocations  for attending and supporting the seminarians; and to the caterers for their great service each year.
Installation of Council Officers
Sacred Heart Church
21 August 2013
Chaplain, Father Scott Holmer, celebrant and homilist  and Former Chaplain, Father John Reutemann, concelebrant.
Brother Joseph Gardiner and Trish Lane provide Mass and Installation music.
Mass Celebration
Dinner and Program
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Many, many thanks to all who attended and participated in the Installation of Officers for the 2013-2014 fraternal year. 

The event was initiated by a wonderful Mass celebrated by our Worthy Chaplain, Father Scott Holmer, and concelebrated by our Former Chaplain, Father John Reutemann. They were accompanied by our Assistant to the Chaplain, Deacon Albert Graham, and Director of Religious Education, Deacon Anthony Barrasso. 

Father Scott’s homily was moving, and reminded us that as Knights of Columbus, we are, in many ways, the strong arm of the Church, called to defend the Kingdom of God.

The Mass and installation were made all the more beautiful by the music provided by Brother Joseph Gardiner and Mrs. Trish Lane. 

Our Worthy District Deputy, Brad Howard, and Worthy District Warden, George Cronin, are commended for their outstanding administration of the installation ceremony
Dinner was a huge success, and the Council received numerous favorable comments on the quality of food provided by Apple Spice Junction.

Following dinner, our Worthy Deputy Grand Knight, Bill Wannall, and Master of Ceremonies, introduced a number of speakers. Worthy Grand Knight, Mark Shutters offered remarks regarding the Council’s success during the 2012-2013 fraternal year. 

He awarded our Worthy Financial Secretary, Gerry Brosco, with a Knight of the Year plaque and gifts. He also presented our Former Chaplain, Father John Reutemann, with a Certificate of Appreciation plaque, a US flag and $200  for his 3 years of service as Chaplain. 

After Father John’s remarks, Brother John Herron, Fraternal Insurance Advisor, spoke regarding the importance of protecting ourselves and our families with Knights of Columbus insurance and annuities. 

The evening culminated with presentations by our Worthy District Deputy, Brad Howard, who presented Fathers Scott and John with gifts for their outstanding service.
First Degree 
From left, front row, new brother knights  Joseph De Castro,Council No. 11511 Most Holy Rosary; Gabriel Perez, Brandon Kelley, Brian O'Neill, and Daniel Ayers. Back row left, DD#12 Brad Howard, GK Phil Tabbita, Council No. 12128 Maurice J. McDonogh, GK Mark Shutters, and DGK William Wannall. 
From left Brett, Bran and  dad, James O'Neill - A Family of Knights.
On Wednesday, 28 August, 5 men had the honor of knighthood conferred upon them by a superb 1st degree team: three 18 year old college students  and a U. S. Navy Chief became  First Degree Knights  in our council and one in the Most Holy Rosary Council No. 12511.

Brother Jim O'Neill, a 3rd degree knight, and his two sons are now a family of knights.

Congratulations to all of you and may your membership be a productive and joyful one. 
From left, Joseph De Castro, Gabriel Perez, Brandon Kelley, Brian O'Neill, and Daniel Ayers
 Why these men joined the Knights

Brother Ayers: To help my church and community.

Brother O'Neill: I have an interest in all Knights activities in the Church, Community, Youth, Family.

Brother Perez: To help parishioners within our community.

Brother KelleyTo have a home away from home in Christ with others that share the same interests.
Second Degree
On Wednesday, 11 September 2013, at Archbishop Neale School, brother knights from Archbishop Neale Council No. 2279, advanced to the Second Degree, from left, front row, Brandon Kelley and Gabriel Perez; back row, second from left Daniel Ayers. Congratulations!

Pictured also, front row, are Father Scott Holmer, Chaplain; back row from left, Brad Howard, District Deputy No. 12 and Grand Knight, Mark Shutters.

Also advancing to the Second Degree are our brother knights from Dr. John Henry Griffin Council No. 2293,  Rev. John Clark, Remington Markos, Larry Sutton, Jacob Gold; from Maurice J. McDonough Council No. 12128, are Robert Johnson, Alfred Kopec and Michael Wallace.
First and Second Degrees
8 January 2014
From left, front row, PGK Frank Lancaster; new degree brothers Rigal Civil, Vincent Mc Keown, Mark Ballesteros, Brian O'Neill, Dominic Barceleau, and Daniel Murphy; Grand Knight, Phil Tabbita. From left, back row, Brett O'Neill, brother of Brian and Matthew Murphy, father of Daniel..
wn, Mark Ballesteros, Brian O'Neill, Dominic Barceleau, and Daniel Murphy and Grand Knight, Phil Tabbita.
From left Brett O'Neill, his father James, and brother Brian.
From left , Gerry Brosco, FS, Grand Knight Mark Shutters, Brett, James and Brian O'Neill, and District Deputy #12, Brad Howard.
On Friday, 31 January 2014, 53 candidates, were advanced to the 3rd degree at Immaculate Heart of Mary Council No. 9968 in Lexington  Park. It was very well attended. A dinner reception was held immediately after the ceremony. Our congratulations to brothers Brett and Brian and to all the other knights on their advancement to full knighthood; thanks also to a superb 3rd degree team, and to Grand Knight Lupe A Panoja for hosting the degree. 
​From left, George Cronin, DW #12, *Larry Sutton, *Frank Soloninka, *Thomas Stanley, *Steven Law, Joe Davis, GK, *Jacob Gold, *Rev. John Clark and Ray Dunn, DGK."*" indicates new 3rd degree brothers.
​Dr. John Henry Griffin Council, No. 2293
​Archbishop Neale Council, No. 2279 
.     On Wednesday eveing, 30 July 2014, at Archbishop Neale School cafeteria, a group of brother knights attended a First Degree Ceremony in which Ryan Miller joined the Knights of Columbus, Archbishop Neale Council, No. 2279 in La Plata. Ryan is 18 years old and will be attending St. Vincent College in LaTroube, Pennsylvania in September. He will be majoring in electrical engineering.

     Ryan is a third generation Knight of Columbus. His deceased grandfather, an Honorary Life member, was a Past Grand Knight of the Oakland Council No. 1771, in Oakland, MD. His father Lawrence, an electrical engineer,  a federal government employee at Indian Head, MD, is a 3rd degree knight with 29 years of continuous service. His two brothers are also 3rd degree knights. 

     Congratulations Ryan on becoming a knight.
First and Second Degrees
10 June 2014
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On Tuesday, 10 June 2014 at St. Joseph Church, Pomfret, MD, candidates from Archbishop Neale Council 2279, John F. Kennedy Council 5482 and Maurice J. McDonough Council 12128 participated in 1st and 2nd degrees with many brother knights attending. From left, front row *Timothy Smith, *Jim Ritchie, Yun KIm, GK Phil Tabbita, DD#12 Brad Howard; back row GK JFK, *Daniel Coughlon, *Andrew Blumhardt, GK Mark Shutters, *Justin Meeder, *Christopher Milby, Steven Stiles, and *Jonathan Young (seminarian). *Congratulations to all  new 1st and 2nd degree members.
Pictured from left, District Deputy No. 12 Phil Tabbita, Grand Knight Brad Howard, brother Larry Miller, father of Ryan Miller, Ryan Miller, Council Chaplain, Father Scott Holmer, and Deputy Grand Knight Stephen Stiles.
First Degree Exemplification
30 July 2014
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     On Sunday 3 August 2014 over 100 people attended the Archdiocese of Washington Seminarians picnic and enjoyed meeting the seminarians again, refreshments, the pool, games, and a scrumptious catered lunch at the home of PGK Michael Raymond and his wife Tina.

     Cardinal Wuerl was not able to attend but sent a letter saying "While previous commitments make it impossible for me to be present at the picnic, I hope you will express my very best wishes to everyone present, my gratitude to the Knights, and my pledge of prayers for our seminarians".

     Thanks also to brother Knight Gary Echols for allowing attendees to use the parking lot of his Funeral home across the street from the Raymond's home.

     Thanks also to our brother knights,their wives and children who helped with the setup/take down, the hors d'oeuvres and desert and to our friend Ruth Runyan for preparing the delicious blueberry cobbler; to Grand Knight Brad Howard and Council Chaplain, Father Scott Holmer and the priests for their participation and a very special THANK YOU to our hosts, Past Grand Knight Michael Raymond and his wife Tina for graciously providing their home and beautiful garden, pool and the catered picnic for all to enjoy once again.
Chaplain Father Scott Holmer leading all in prayer before sitting down to a scrumptious luncheon. From left, front row Pat Brosco, Chaplain, Father Scott Holmer, Daniel Bearden, Tina Raymond and Marti O'Neil; Back row from left DD #12 Phil Tabbita, Grand Knight Brad Howard.T
Annual Seminarian Picnic 
First Degree
Three new brother knights, from John F. Kennedy Council No. 5482 and Dr. John Henry Griffin Council No. 2293 took their 1st degree on 19 August 2014 at Archbishop Neale School, La Plata. In center, wearing badges are Dan Dominguez, William Finneran and Timothy Smith. Congratulations to all.
1st and 2nd Degrees
On Friday evening 10 October 2014 at Calvert Council #7870 in North Beach, MD, four brother knights advanced to the 3rd degree. From left, representing the State Deputy, State Treasurer Dale W. Trott, new 3rd degree brothers, Christopher Milby, Justin Meeder, James Hojnowski, and Antonio Ribeiro, Grand Knight Stephen Stiles and District Deputy No. 12 Phil Tabbita.
Third Degree Exemplification
.At Archbishop Neale School on 8 October 2014, two new brother knights joined Dr. John Henry Griffin Council No. 2293 and 5 brothers from Archbishop Neale and Griffin Councils advanced to the 2nd degree.The degrees were well attended.Pictured front row DD 12 Phil Tabbita, left PGK Mark Shutters, Justin Meeder, Gerry Brady, James Hojnowski, and Griffin Council brothers. Back row Antonio Ribeiro, left Griffin Council brother, Glenn Taylor, Albert Ribeiro, Gus Tolson, Christopher Milby, David Newman, GK Stephen Stiles, FIA John Herron, PGK Peter Czupryna, Stephen Spadafora, next 3 Griffin Council brothers, and GK Griffin Council Ray Dunn.
First Degree
Archbishop Neale Council
11 March 2015
​Pictured from left DD 12 Phil Tabbita, *Oscar Salazar-Cezpedes, **Antivone Young, **Grand Knight Stephen Stiles, **Damien West and ***Thomas Casey VI. 
Congratulations to Oscar, Antivone, Damien and Thomas.
 *Maurice J. McDonoough No. 12128; **Archbishop Neale Council No. 2279; ***St. Columcille Council No. 5317. 

Pictured from left front row:  Ricardo Navarro; DD 12 Phil Tabbita; Antivone Young;  GK Stephen Stiles; Damien West; Thomas Casey VI.
Back row from left James Hojnowski; Glenn Taylor; PGK Peter Czupryna; David Newman; Justin Meeder and Christopher  Milby. 

On Wednesday evening, 13 May 2015, at JFK Council No. 5482, 3 men became Knights of Columbus - Michael E. Fenwick, Sr, Archbishop Neale Council No 2279, and Salvatore Bartolotta, and Joseph Walzel, Jr, JFK Council No. 5482. Congratulations! Thanks to the 1st degree team for a job well done and to Grand Knight JFK Council, Charles Johnson for hosting the degree.

2nd from left, front row, GK Arcbishop Neale Council, Stephen Stiles, Sr, new knights, Joseph Walzel, Jr, JFK Council, Michael Fenwick, Sr., Archbishop Neale Council, Salvatore Bartolotta, JFK Council, Charles Johnson, GK JFK Council and Phil Tabbita, DD#12.

Back row, center, James Hojnowski, Archbishop Neale Council
​1st Degree
John F. Kennedy Council No 5482
​13 May 2015
​1st and 2nd Degrees
Archbishop Neale Council No. 2279
​10 June 2015
On Wednesday evening, 10 June, at the Sacred Heart Church Friendship Room, Archbishop Neale Council hosted First and Second Degrees. Five men from the various councils in District 12 became 1st degree knights and 8 brothers were advanced to the Second Degree with many of their brothers in attendance.

 Congratulations to all!

Thanks to the 1st and 2nd degree teams for outstanding performances. Special thanks to James Hojnowski for his splendid efforts with the 1st degree team and to DD #12 Phil Tabbita for the same with the 2nd degree.

Refreshments and fellowship were enjoyed by all.
From left Joseph LaBrie, Charles Campbell, Atein Riggins, William Yeckley, Ryan Miller, Antivone Young, and Frank Presti. Not show is Francis Rodriguez.
Brother Michael Fenwick, Sr. accepts his second degree certificate upon becoming a 2nd degree knight. Congratulations Michael. Shown also from left, District Deputy #12 Phil Tabbita, Grand Knight Stephen Stiles, Sr., Michael Fenwick and Chaplain, Father Flum.
First Degree
Archbishop Neale Council, No. 2279
13 April 2016
From left Grand Knight Stephen Stiles, new brother knight Andrew Patterson, and District Deputy No. 12, Phil Tabbita.
Brother John Rollins, wife Donna, their daughter, Mae, and son, Conner, became Archbishop Neale Council's 226th family on Wednesday, 11 May when John became a1st Degree Knight. Congratulations to John and his family and wish them a happy and productive membership. They are members of Sacred Heart Catholic Church and their children attend Archbishop Neale School.
First Degree
Archbishop Neale Council, No. 2279
11 May 2016
Third Degree
Calvert Council, No. 7870, North Beach, MD
21 October 2016
From left DGK James Hojnowski, GK Stephen Stiles, new 3rd degree brother Perry Giovacchini, and FS Gerry Brosco. Congratulations Perry.
At far right, FDD Phil Tabbita.
Enjoying refreshments.