Knights of Columbus
Archbishop Neale Council, No. 2279
Instituted 19 June 1921
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Photo by Karen Grooms

From left, Matt Laidley, Lecturer; Glen Taylor, Warden; Father John Reutemann, Chaplain; George Grooms, Grand Knight; Deacon Al Graham, Assistant to the Chaplain; Al Ribeiro, Outside Guard; Cal Bowie, Recorder; and Phil Tabbita, District Deputy No. 12.
Back rows from left, Brad Howard, Treasurer; John Hayden; behind John is Bill Wannall, Chancelor;  Trustee Ryan Mudd, Past Grand Knight; behind Ryan, John Brucculeiri, Advocate; Mark Shutters, Deputy Grand Knight; Daniel Bearden, Inside Guard; Dale Trott, State Warden; and Gerry Brosco, Financial Secretary.
Not shown are Peter Czupryna, Trustee; and Keith Vogel, Trustee.
Council Officers Installation
Sacred Heart Church
2011 - 2012
Beautiful and scrumptuous cake made and donated by Mary Ellen Brown.
From left side Steve Bearden, Daniel Bearden, Cathy Rourke, and Sir Knight Gerard Gilbers, 4th Degree Color Corp.
From right side Melissa Bearden, Pat Brosco, and Deacon Walter Rourke.
Ryan Mudd receives the Past Grand Knight Plaque from Grand Knight George Grooms.
From left side Pat Brosco.
From right side Debbie Czupryna and  Past Grand Knight Pete Czupryna.
Linda Howard, District Warden Brad Howard, Deacon Al Graham and Father Joseph Crowley.
District Deputy No. 12 Phil Tabbita, Sheryl Tabbita and in background State Warden Dale Trott.
Past Grand Knight Ryan Mudd receives the Surge for Service Award Plaque from State Warden Dale Trott.
From left side Mary Barrasso.
From right side District Warden No. 12 Phil Tabbita, Past Grand Knight Ryan Mudd, Deputy Grand Knight Mark Shutters, and Deacon Anthony Barrasso.
From left State Warden Dale Trott, Grand knight George Grooms, Karen Grooms, and Chaplain Father John Reutemann.
From left Sheryl Tabbita, Laurie Mudd, Teresa Shutters and Mary Barrasso.
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From left side William Wannall, Chancelor, Sandra Ribeiro, and Mary Ellen Brown.
From right side Laura Wannall, Michael Schreyer, Al Ribeiro and Terence Brown.
From left John Brucculeiri, PGK Leonard Winkler, unknown at this tilme and Richard Winkler.
From left Denis Sullivan, Ted Willig, III, Ted Willig, Jr., and PGK Pete Czupryna,
From left Lou Hennessy, Mike Schreyer, Jay West (back row with blue hat) and Steve Chappelle.
3rd Annual Golf Tournament
Swan Point Yacht and Country Club
10 October 2011
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From left PGK Ryan Mudd, David Winkler, Ray Michael and Tim Mudd.
From left GK George Grooms, Chris Heinze, George Heinze and Joe DiNatale.
On Monday, 10 October, Columbus Day, Council #2279 hosted its 3rd Annual Charity Golf Tournament at the Swan Point Yacht and Country Club in Issue, MD.

It was a beautiful day for golf as we were blessed with warm temperatures and blue skies.

62 players supported the event and enjoyed some friendly competition. The group led by John Brucculeiri pulled out the win, but all of the scores were close.

After golf, everyone enjoyed a fabulous luncheon and awards ceremony in the dining room.

Special thanks go out to the golf committee, including Ryan Mudd, George Grooms, David Winkler, Mike Mohler, Tony Holson, John Brucculeiri and our photographer for the day, Mark Shutters.

Also, thanks to all of our sponsors and donors who helped us raise $5,500 for our partnered charities and Archbishop Neale School.
An Installation Mass was celebrated by Chaplain, Father John Reutemann and concelebrated with Father Robert Buchmeier and Father Thomas Crowley. Assisting at the Mass were Deacons Albert Graham, Assistant to the Chaplain and Anthony Barrasso. Brother Joe Gardiner and Gingie Winkler, wife of brother Richard Winkler provided the music for the Mass and the installation ceremony.

Deacon Albert Graham said the Invocation.

After dinner,  Deputy Grand Knight and Master of Ceremonies William Wannall introduced guests.

Grand Knight Mark Shutters presented Past Grand Knight George Grooms a Past Grand Knight plaque and presented gifts to Chaplain, John Reutemann, Father Buchmeier and Father Crowley.

Past Grand Knight George Grooms presented Past Grand Knight Ryan Mudd with a Knight of the Year plaque.

District Deputy Brad Howard thanked Former District Depuity Phil Tabbita for his service to our council and presented him with a gift.

State Advocate Dale Trott congratulated the council on a successful year and said that State Deputy William Kuchmas will concentrate on retaining members.

PGK Matt Laidley conducted a "Dollar Game" and raised $133.00. Everyone had fun with this game.

Chaplain Father John Reutemann concluded the evening with a closing prayer.

My thanks to everyone who participated in this event.

Mark Shutters,
Grand Knight
Installation of Council Officers  Mass and  Dinner
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Annual Mulch Sales 2014
Sacred Heart Church Beautificaton Day
Photos by brother Gilbert Dutchover
     Many thanks to those brothers who volunteered to help with this very labor intensive annual event. Not only did some volunteer their labor but also their trucks, trailers, and place of business for storage because of the inclement weather, and other unforeseen events...  
     3,600 bags were distributed and mulch was donated to Sacred Heart Church and to the Mount Carmel Monastery in La Plata.
​      The profit from this event  helps to  fund the RSVP support program for  two Archdiocese of Washington seminarians and a postulant this year.
     Many thanks especially to brother Matt Laidley for his coordination of this annual event.
     On Saturday, April 19, 2014, members of Archbishop Neale Council #2279, coupled with volunteers of Loyola on the Potomac, met at the St. Inigoes Youth Center, and stained the newly renovated shower facility.
     Jim Palmer, Director, and Lisa White, Development & Ignatian Weekend Retreats Director, were very pleased with the outcome, and were very appreciative of the council’s support.

Photos by GK Mark Shutrers
          On Saturday, April 26, 2014, members of Archbishop Neale Council #2279, coupled with volunteers of Loyola on the Potomac, met at the St. Inigoes Youth Center, and repainted the barn. Jim Palmer, Director, and Lisa White, Development & Ignatian Weekend Retreats Director, were very pleased with the outcome and were very appreciative of the council’s support.port.
Painters from left, Nicholas Shutters, GK Mark Shutters, DD #12, Brad Howard, Principal of St. Peter's Catholic School, brother JR West, Jim Palmer and not shown, brother Alvin Thompson, ANC #2279.
The completed shower facility. Notice the beautiful dark stain and the freshly mulched flower beds.
Brad demonstrates how to properly apply stain.
JR West proudly displays the proper way to hold a paint brush and a cup of coffee without spilling a drop.
Linda White and Jim Palmer applying the finishing touches to the shower facilityi.
St. Inigoes Youth Center Shower Facility
Mark tests the ground firmness before ascending the step ladder to apply stain along the upper portion of the shower facility.
Brad and Jim Palmer applying stain to the shower facility.
St. Inigoes Youth Center Barn
The finished product. Hotice the bright colors

Brother David Newman looks on as Lisa White carefully cleans the window trim. Brother Fernando Ribeiro reaches hight into the 2nd level of the barn.
Brother Noel Edelen sits on the stairs as he carefully paints the lower side of the barn.
Brothers Alvin Thompson and Fernando Ribeiro take a break for a photo as they complete the rear of the barn.
Maryland State Convention
Ocean City, Maryland
 May 2 - 4, 2014
Enjoying dinner: From left, Tom Mayer, GK Holy Ghost Council; Brad Howard, DD #12; Joe Davis GK and Ray Dunn DGK, Dr. John Henry Griffin Council; and George Grooms Trustee, Archbishop Neale Council.         Photo by GK Mark Shutters
Grand Knight's Parade: from left, Grand Knights Joe Davis, Dr. John Henry Griffin Council and Mark Shutters, Archbishop Neale Council.           Photo by PGK George Grooms.
Most Rev. William E. Lori, S. T. D., Archbishop of Baltimore      Photo by PGK George Grooms.
Saturday evening Mass parade.       Photo by PGk George Grooms
Entering church for Mass.                     Photo by George Grooms
View of beach just after sunrise.        Photo by GK Mark shutters
View of beach from hotel.              Photo by PGK George Grooms
Friday Activities
Saturday Activities
Sunday Activities
Sunday sunrise and what way to start a new day!  Photo by PGK George Grooms.
IInstallation of Officers Mass and Dinner

Brother knights, their families and friends assembled at Sacred Heart Church to attend the 5:00PM Mass celebrated by Chaplain Father Scott Holmer and concelebrated by Fathers Robert Buchmeier, pastor, and Aaron Qureshi. Assisting the Chaplain were Deacon of the Word, Albert Graham and Deacon of the Eucharist, Anthony Barrasso. Music was provided by Trish Lane and Millie Havrilla.

At the end of Mass Father Buchmeier blessed the Credence Table given by the Archbishop Neale Council to Sacred Heart Church in memory of his mother, Mary Margaret Buchmeier, who died in December 2013 at the age of 100 years.

The new council officers were then installed by District Deputy No. 12, Phil Tabbita. assisted by his District Warden, George Cronin and Sir Knight Gerard Gilbers. Witnessing the proceeding was Maryland State Representative, Gerald (Jerry) Hicks, Director, Culture of Life.

After the installation of officers, a reception and dinner took place in the Friendship Room of Sacred Heart Church. Following the Invocation by Chaplain, Father Scott Holmer, everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner, catered by Apple Spice Junction..

PGK and Master of Ceremonies, Brad Howard, made introductions. Grand Knight Stephen Stiles, after his remarks, presented Past Grand Knight (PGK) Mark Shutters with a PGK plaque and a beautiful rosewood clock and pen set for his super two years leadership.

PGK, Mark Shutters, after his remarks, presented Warden Glenn Taylor with the council's Knight of the Year Award for his faithfullness in the performance of his duties and as an example of being a knight.

John Herron, Fraternal Insurance Advisor, spoke about the importance of having life insurance.

DD No. 12, Phil Tabbita, expressed his thanks to the council for continuing its good works and presented gifts to Father's Robert Buchmeier, Scott Holmer, PGK's Brad Howard and Mark Shutters.

PGK Jerry Hicks, announced his greeting from State Deputy Stephen Adamczyk and thanked the council for all that it does in the name of the Knights of Columbus.

Father Scott Holmer said closing prayers.

Our thanks to PGK Peter Czupryna and his team for a great job preparing and cleanup of the Friendship Room.for this event. Our thanks also to all our brother knights and their families who volunteered their valued services throughout the year.
Installation of Officers 2014
After the 5:00 PM Mass on Saturday 13 September, Father Robert Buchmeier, pastor of Sacred Heart Church, blesses the Credence Table given to the church in memory of his mother Mary Margaret Buchmeier by the knights of Archbishop Neale Council No. 2279 which is between Father and the altar server.

The new officers of Archbishop Neale Council No. 2279 are front row left Marcelino Santos, Lecturer (Fernando Ribeiro is standing in for him), Albert Ribeiro, Outside Guard, Stephen Stiles, Grand Knight, Father Scott Holmer, Chaplain, John Brucculeiri, Advocate, Deacon Albert Graham, Assistant to the Chaplain, and Gerry Brosco, Financial Secretary. Back row left, David Newman, Treasurer, Andrew Havrilla, Deputy Grand Knight, George Grooms, Trustee 2 years, James Hojnowski, Chancellor, Glenn Taylor, Warden, Mark Shutters, Trustee 3 years, Peter Czupryna Trustee 1 year, James O'Neill, Recorder and Matthew Murphy, Inside Guard.
Installation of Officers 2016
On Saturday 10 September after the 5PM Mass at Sacred Heart Church, La Plata, new officers were installed for the fraternal year 2016 - 2017.

​* = Installed Officers
Front row from left: Sir Knight Michael Gonzales; *Associate Chaplain, *Father Samuel Plummer; *Albert Robeiro, Outside Guard; *Chaplain, Father Larry Swink; *Deputy Grand Knight, James Hojnowski,;*John Brucculieri, Advocate; * Antonio Ribeiro, Chancellor;  and Sir Knight Phil Tabbita

Back row District Warden, Strephen Law, *Gerry Brosco, Financial Secretary;  District Deputy, Marc Locco, *Grand Knight, Stephen Stiles; *Glenn Taylor, Warden; *George Grooms, Trustee 2 years;  *James O'Neill, Recorder;  *Peter Czupryna, Trustee 1 Year; and *Matthew Murphy, Inside Guard.

Installed Officers not shown: Glenn Taylor, Warden; Brett O'Neill, Treasurer; Victor Kline, Lecturer; and Mark Shutters, Trustee 3 years.
The Knight of the Year Award was given to Peter Czupryna for his long time service to the Knights of Columbus, the church and the community.
From left, Grand Knight Stephen Stiles, Peter Czupryna and his wife Debbie.
First Degree Exemplification at Sacred Heart Church on 4 May 2017.

Pictured from left is DGK James Hojnowski congratulating new brotiher knight Simon Yammine and presenting him with a 1st Degree certificate.