Dear Brother Knights and Family Members,

I would like to thank everyone who helped with and/or attended the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper in the Friendship Room of Sacred Heart Church on March 8.  We had 14 Knights plus family members helping with the set up and cooking/serving supper.  The Friendship Room was nicely decorated in Mardi Gras colors and Mardi Gras music added a party atmosphere.  We served supper to approximately 170 people.    

 Everyone had a wonderful time.  

This activity had an income $619.00, expenses $488.18, and a profit of $130.82.

Once again, thank you very much for your support!

      Vivat Jesus
      Peter Czupryna, PGK

Knights of Columbus
Archbishop Neale Council, No. 2279
Instituted 19 June 1921
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Joe Haggerty, PGK
Anthony Perino
Matt Laidley, PGK and Mark Shutters
Lenten Soup Supper Friday 13, 2009
Deacon Al Graham Ordination Reception 12 June 2004.
From left Gerry Brosco, Deacon Scott Stuart, Deacon Al, Jim Anderson and Pete Czupryna.
Deacon Al Graham's Ordination Reception
Christmas with Santa Friendship Room Sacred Heart Church La Plata
From left Debbie Czupryna and Jeannie Cross as Santa's helpers. Bob Cook, PGK is Santa.
Christmas with Santa
Christmas with Santa Friendship Room Sacred Heart Church La Plata
Ray Rastelli and Pete Czupryna taking donations to help support our Archdiocese of Washington Seminarians.
Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest Award December 2007
Joseph Keese with his parents Pamela and William accepts the 3rd place award from Hugh Gardiner IV, poster contest chairman..
Keep Christ in Christmas PosterContest
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper 
Sacred Heart Church - Friendship Room
 24 February 2008
Photo by Ricky Dyer
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Photos by Bob Seith and Gerry Brosco
   The council is currently participating in the RSVP program.
   You can read about seminarians Scott Holmer and Mario Majano on page four in the March 2008 Newsletter located on the "Links" page.
    Mario Majano is now  studying at the North American  College in Rome, Italy
From left front Sean Kelley, PGK Peter Czupryna, and Anthony Perino. From right front Adam Wuenschel, DGK Ryan Mudd, PGK Matthew Laidley, GK Keith Vogel and James O'Neill.
In 2006 the following brothers donated $3,562 for the installation of this beautiful sign:  Gary Burch,  Gerry Brosco, Rev. Msgr. Karl Chimiak, Adam Wuenschel, Carl Baldus, Joe Haggerty, Mark Shutters, Steve Spadafora, Frank Hughes, Matt Laidley, Brad Howard, Jim Witthar, Alan Bowie, Patrick Simpson, George Grooms, James Anderson, Pete Czupryna, Hugh Gardiner III, Hugh Gardiner IV, William Rees, Gary Simpson, Thomas Collins, Edward Sanders, Deacon Al Graham, Joe Shannon, James Ondrish, Chuck Goodrich, Ricky Dyer, John Minichino, Richard Winkler, Richard Jacko, Danny Mayer, Garyton Echols, Henry Tolson, Dick Steinhauser, Troy Stemen, A.J. Perk, Vincent Stine, and Anthony Perino.
Photo by brother Dr. Guillermo E. Sanchez
Sign Donation
Photo Links
2009 Seminarian Picnic
PGK Michael and Tina Raymond Home
2006 Seminarian Picnic 
PGK Greg  and Jeannie Cross Home 
All enjoyed a great meal, swimming, games, movies at the home of Greg and Jeannie Cross. Ruth Runyan, a friend of the Knights, helped with the food preparation. She also hosted the Seminarians a year later at her home.
Patrick Agustin
First Theology
North American College
Home Parish: St. Columba, Oxon Hill, MD
Worked in Finance for a major motion picture company in Los Angeles prior to entering seminary.

Refund Support Vocation Program (RSVP)
Seminarians/Postulants Our Council Supports 
Clergy Appreciation Dinner
Cindy's Restaurant, Hawthorne Country Club, La Plata, MD
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Photos by Gerry Brosco
Mary and Terence Brown, Debbie and PGK Pete Czupryna and DD#12 Johnny Norman.
From left not shown Brad Howard (hands) and wife Linda,  Marcy Santos, Father Ron Potts, Sandy and Al Ribeiro and Father Fred MacIntyre.
Pat Brosco, Rev. Ed Dougherty, Phyllis and PGK Matt Laidley. On left not shown Delores Datcher, Kathleen and Fred Parsons.
From left DGk George Grooms and wife Karen, Rev. Msgr. Oliver McGready, Tina and PGK Michael Raymond, PGK Bob Seith and wife Gail  and  Laurie and GK Ryan Mudd.
From left Marge Gardiner, Rev. Mr. Al Graham, Chaplain Father Jerry Gamrot and Mary and Jim Anderson.
Joseph and Marge Gardiner.
From left Jim Anderson, Rev. Robert Golas and PGK Matt Laidley.
On Thursday night, 22 October 2009, 42 guests enjoyed an informal get together and a great dinner choice of Chicken Marsala, Petite Prime Rib or Tilapia and for desert a Brownie Sundae or Strawberry Shortcake.  As Msgr. McGready said in his thank you letter to the council, "he very much appreciated the dinner because cooking was not a requirement at the seminary." 

Clergy attending were: Rev. Edward Dougherty, S.J., Pastor  St. Ignatius Church, Chapel Point and brother knights Rev. Ronald Potts, Pastor, Sacred Heart Church; Rev Jerry Gamrot, Council Chaplain and Parochial Vicar, Sacred Heart Church; Rev. Frederick MacIntyre, In Residence, Sacred Heart Church; Rev. Msgr. Oliver McGready, Pastor, St. Mary's Church, Newport; Rev. Robert Golas, Pastor St. Mary, Star of the Sea, Indian Head; Rev. Mr. Albert Graham, Permanent Deacon, Sacred Heart Church.

Father Ron Potts said Grace and Father Jerry said the closing prayers which included the "Prayer For Vocations".  

This year is designated as the "Year of the Priest" and this was a way of showing our love and respect to our wonderful priests. 

Through the Knights of Columbus Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP), councils, assemblies and Squires circles “adopt” one or more seminarians or postulants and provide them with financial assistance and moral support.

RSVP money is used by seminarians and those in religious formation for tuition and books, car insurance and maintenance, travel during vacations, emergency expenditures and other living expenses. Knights provide more than financial support, though. Members write letters to students, sponsor dinners for them, invite them to join the Order and, most importantly, pray for vocations.

Last year, financial help from councils to future priests, sisters and brothers, exceeded $2.6 million.  A total of 4,513 seminarians and postulants received RSVP support from more than 2,500 local units. Since 1981 the Order has provided more than $38 million in aid through RSVP, helping 61,196 men and women follow their vocations.

Qualifying councils and assemblies receive a $100 refund for every $500 donated, up to a limit of $2,000 donated to an individual, while the refund for Squires is $20 for every $100 donated. In the Philippines and Mexico, councils and assemblies receive the equivalent in local currency of $50 for every $250 donated.
In the kitchen from left Chris Coughlan, DGK George Grooms, J.R. West, Jim O'Neill and Donnie Mister.
Greeter Curtis Birley.
Servers from left  Brad Howard, Joe Gardiner, GK Ryan Mudd, and Humphrey Ridgley.
Servers from left Glen Taylor, Brad Howard.
Parishioners enjoying breakfast.
From left Marc Lavery, Mary and Jim Anderson, and Catherine Lavery.
From left Father Fred MacIntyre; Maureen Golding, Leslie and Alan Bowie, and Pat Brosco.
Parishioners enjoying breakfast.
John and Debbie Brucculeiri.
Santa Claus (Joe Bowling)
Santa Claus with his helpers Debbie Czupryna and on left  with pads not fully shown  are Jennifer and Gloria Rosier.
From left PGK Matt Laidley, Paul Filardi.
Maureen Golding with grandaughter Kelsey Coughlan and Father Fred MacIntyre.
Maureen and Bob Jacobs, Carol Larsen and her daughter and baby.
Breakfast Coordinator PGK Pete Czupryna, Michael Schreyer and DGK George Grooms.
From left Father Fred, Father Ron Potts, Pastor SHC and Vinie Waring.
Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest at Archbishop Neale School 1st place winners:
4th grade Joey Groenwoldt
6th grade Jessica Beamer
Christmas Pancake Breakfast with Santa 
Sacred Heart Church, Friendship Room
November 2009
Well attended. Good food. Cheery atmosphere.Job well done.
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Mulch Sale 
Sacred Heart Church Beautification Day
On Saturday, 20 March 2010, Matt Laidley, PGK, center, organizes the task at hand - distributing 1,800 bags of mulch  from both SHC parking  lot and from the Hugh C. Gardiner Farm Equipment Co in Faulkner, MD - to brother knights, from left Vic Valdisera, Jim Ondrish (red hat), Ryan Mudd, GK, cap and glasses, John Hayden, Maintenance Director SHC and in the far right end . The work started at 8:00 AM and finished at 2:00 PM. Pizza and refreshments were served for all knights and other parishioners of SHC who helped deliver the bags of mulch, cleaned and mulched the church grounds, and also cleaned the interior of the church in preparation for Easter Sunday services. Our thanks to all who helped with this project.
From left, Mark Shutters and son Nicholas, next to Matt Laidley with light blue pants, and Chris Simpson with green shirt.
Prayer Listing
Responses to Prayer Requests
Deacon Scott Stuart
Operation to remove tumor and cyst from spinal cord
NIH on 7/27/10
Michael Schreyer - Amen. God be with our brother


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to hear Ave Maria.
Thanks Gerry.  Please add my 98-year-old Aunt Rose Goodrich's family to the prayer list.  She peacefully passed away in her sleep this afternoon 26 July 2010.  She is the last of her generation from our family.  There were 10 children in my Dad's family, her husband was my Dad's older brother.  Aunt Rose & Uncle Jim had 8 children of their own.  
Thank you,
Chuck Goodrich

Archdiocese of Washington seminarians and brother knight Rev. Robert Golas.
At far left end of table seminarian Scott Holmer. Scott is one of three RSVP recipients of Archbishop Neale Council. At far right end of table seminarian Chris Seith.
Tina Raymond.
From back brother knights Marcy Santos and Jim Ondrish.
Rev. Robert Golas to the left of seminarian with orange shirt.
Seminarian deacon Michael Paris and Rev. John Reutemann, Parochial Vicar, Sacred Heart Church La Plata.
PGK Michael Raymond and friend of the knights Ruth Runyon.
From left sitting, Mrs. Impellizeri (Tina Raymond's mother), Judy Clopton also sitting and friend of the knights and Gail Seith.
Brother knights from left Anthony Perino and Gus Tolson attending the grill.
Archdiocese of Washington Seminarians. Ken Gill, with eyeglasses, is a RSVP recipient of Archbishop Neale Council.
PGK Hugh Gardiner and wife Hilda.
Brother knights from left Joe Bowling and GK Ryan Mudd.
From left Rev. John Reutemann with hand to neck amd PGK Robert Seith. From right seminarian Deacon Michael Paris who will be ordained in June, 2011.
At end of table, Brother Knight Bill Wannall and his wife Laura.
Gail Seith and PGK Michael Raymond.
The dinner was held at the home of brother knight Michael Raymond and his wife Tina. Attending the dinner were 30 seminarians, 6 priests, 1 deacon and 26 brother knights and their wives. The dinner was catered and the seminarians enjoyed the use of the swimming pool in the beautiful garden of the Raymond home. Everyone had a wonderful time meeting the seminarians. 
Thanks to Maryland State Deputy, Richard Siejack, on behalf of the State Council, made a generous donation in support of this event. 
PGK Greg Cross and his wife Jeannie and a friend of the Knights, Ruth Runyon have hosted this event in previous years at their homes. See photo below.
From left Ruth Runyan, Tina Raymond and directly across from Tina is seminarian deacon Bill Wadsworth who is just finishing a six week assigment at Sacred Heart Church, La Plata.
Pat Brosco and seminarian Mario Majano who is attending the North American College in Rome, Italy. Also a RSVP reciipient of Archbishop Neale Council.
From front Gail Seith, brother knights PGK Bob Seith, Deacon Al Graham and standing PGK Gerry Brosco.
From right brother knight Henry (Gus) Tolson helping with desert for seminarian Bill Wadsworth.
From right brother knights Henry (Gus)Tolson, Anthony Perino and friend of the knights Ruth Runyon helping with deserts.
Seminarians performing a challenging acrobatic.
Bart Yates, friend of the knights.
"Penny" the Raymond's dog havng a lot of fun with the seminarians.
Hosts of the Picnic, Tina and PGK Michael Raymond.
From right PGK Michael Raymond, wife Tina and Robert Scarpetti, longtime friend of Father Bob Golas.
Brother knights John Hayden and District Deputy No. 12 Phil Tabbita.
From right brother knight Marcy Santos and wife Jennifer.
From left brother knight Bill Wannall and wife Laura.
PGK Robert Seith and  grandson seminarian Chris Seith. Chris will be studying at North American College, Rome Italy starting in August 2010.
2010 Seminarian Picnic
PGK Michael and Tina Raymond Home
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Santa (Joe Bowling) and our Chaplain Fr. John Reutemann.
Top center Santa's assistants Debbie Czupryna, and sitting next to Santa, Grand Knight Ryan Mudd.
Master chefs (pancake specialists, Anthony Perino and in back at stove PGK Joe Haggerty.
Charles Wildermann, James and Mary Anderson and Marc Lavery.
From left Janet and Rick Szock and Brenda and Pat Simpson.
From left Joe Gardiner and Noel Edelen.
Bob and Maureen Jacobs and Don and Carol Larsen.
Servers Patrick Malherek and Humphrey Ridgely.
Glen Taylor tending the hot syrup pot.
Servers from left Humphrey Ridgely, Mike Mohler and Leslie Bowie.
Servers Leslie Bowie, Mike Mohler, Humphry Ridgely and in the back Mark Shutters.
Calvin Bowie.
Hugh Gardiner, master chef and at sink Brad Howard keeping things washed.
Master chef, PGK Joe Haggerty.
Christmas Pancake Breakfast with Santa 
Sacred Heart Church, Friendship Room
November 2010
Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.
Thanks to PGK Pete Czupryna and his volunteers for making this year's breakfast a great success.
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
Friendship Room, Sacred Heart Church
Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.
Archbishop Neale Council Annual Archdiocese of Washington Seminarian Picnic at the home of PGK Michael  and Tina Raymond, La Plata, Maryland  on 
1 August 2011.
Archbishop Neale Council Annual Archdiocese of Washington Seminarian Dinner at the home of PGK Michael  and Tina Raymond, La Plata, MD  on 31 July 2008
Hosts Tina and Michael Raymond
Tina Raymond and her mother.
On right one our RSVP seminarians Mario Majano
Seminarians enjoying eating "crabs"
Two of our RSVP Seminarians
On left Ken Gill and on right Scott Holmer
Center Gerry Brosco
On left one of our RSVP seminarians Mario Majano and Gerry
Pancake Breakfast with Santa - November 2011
Sacred Heart Church - Friendship Room
Santa Claus (Joe Bowling) and Chaplain, John Reutemann.
Debbie Czupryna and Joe Bowling.
PGK Ryan Mudd.
Father John Reutemann, Council Chaplain and Mary Ellen Starkey.
From left Henry and James Gardiner , Santa (Joe Bowling) and Santa's helper, Debbie Czupryna.
From left Tom Nelson and Hugh Gardiner cooking pancakes. Background Matt Laidley, Michael Coughlan and JR West.
Dylan and Marcy Santos.
Philip  and  Naomi Rigby.
From left Glen Taylor, PGK Pete Czupryna, Humphrey Ridgely and Rob Barnas.
Maureen Golding and Pat Brosco.
Pat Brosco, Father Robert Buchmeier and Maureen Golding.
From right Bob Jacobs, Don and Carol Larsen.
From second on left Maureen Jacobs and great grand children.
Patrick and Brenda Simpson, with Christopher and Jack.
Albert and Sandra Riberio with Nadine and Antonio,
Michael and Aileen Vasquez and children. Father Buchmeier at end of table.
Right side, Mary Ellen Starkey (with red blouse).
Bob and Gail Seith  family and Chaplain, John Reutemann.
2nd on left side Phyllis and Nicole Laidley.
From left PGK Matt Laidley.
From right John and Debbie Brucculeiri and family.
PGK Ryan Mudd. and Paul Simpson.
Rick and Janet Szoch.
Maureen Golding, Michael and Katherine Coughlan and daughter Kelsey.
Michael Coughlan and J. R. West.
Click on thumbnail for larger view and captions
  • Former RSVP Seminarians and Postulants
  • Rev. Thomas La Hood (1996)
  • Rev. Michael Paris (2003)
  • Rev. Benton Garrett (2005)
  • Rev. Mario Majano (2006)
  • Rev. Scott Holmer (2009 - 2013) was Sacred Heart Church Parochial Vicar
  • Mother Mary of the Immaculate Conception (Kathryn) Ambrogio (2002)
  • Rev. Kenneth Gill (2011 -2014)
  • Christopher Huebner (2013 - 2014)
  • Rev. Jack Berard (2015 - 2016)
Mass of Priesthood Ordination
Basilica of the National Shrine
15 June 2013
The Basilica was full, the Mass, beautiful. Six deacons became priests.

After a 2 1/2 hour service, and given their parish assignments by Cardinal Wuerl, the newly ordained priests offered their first blessing in the chapels of Memorial Hall.

Father Scott Holmer has been assigned to Sacred Heart Parish. 

Father Scott will be sending me some photos taken by a professional photographer and I will place them on this site.

Congratulations to Father Scott and welcome to Sacred Heart Parish!

Gerry Brosco
• Change it as you wish, if you know what you are doing.
Father Thomas Crowley Farewell Reception
Friendship Room, Sacred Heart Church 
7 July 2013
After the 11:30 AM Mass parishioners gathered in the Friendship Room to say goodbye to Father Tom Crowley and to wish him well as pastor at his new parish, St. Thomas Xavier in Newtowne (Leonardtown) Maryland which begins on 10 July.
Erection of the Cemetery of the Innocents
23 November 2013
Chaplain Father Scott Holmer blessing the Cemetery of the Innocents.
On Saturday, November 23, 2013, Archbishop Neale Council #2279, coupled with Brother Knights Jim McFillin and Sid Marcus, Charles County Right to Life, erected a Cemetery of Innocents at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Two  weeks ago, Worthy Grand Knight, Mark Shutters, contacted brothers Jim and Sid, and coordinated the transition of the display between Holy Ghost, Issue, MD  and Sacred Heart Catholic Church, La Plata, MD.  At the same time, Worthy Deputy Grand Knight, Bill Wannall coordinated the event wIth Father Robert Buchmeier, Pastor, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, as well as the Town of La Plata , to ensure a smooth transition between parishes.

On Saturday morning, members of Archbishop Neale Council #2279, and a number of volunteers from the parish, gathered at Sacred Heart Catholic Church beginning at 8:00 a.m. Approximately thirty individuals participated in the effort which included marking off a grid where the display would be located, posting small American flags, and installing in excess of 700 crosses symbolic of the volume of babies aborted in any given  8 hour time period. The Cemetery of the Innocents is a stark reminder of those lives taken from us, through abortion, although it also serves to afford us the opportunity to keep the faith, and recall the sanctity of life. The display will remain in place for a minimum of four (4) weeks, and likely won't be removed until January 2014 when so many Right to Life activities occur.
Friendship Room, Sacred Heart Church
1 December 2013
From 7:00 AM to 11:30 AM on Sunday morning many parishioners attended the annual pancake breakfast.  The pancakes were delicious as usual. 

Thank you for all your help and attendance at the Pancake Breakfast With Santa.  I greatly appreciate all the help.  

Everyone had a great time. Santa visited us, did a great job making a lot of children and adults happy. 

18 Brother Knights, many wives and children helped  at the breakfast. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!

Thanks again,

Pete Czupryna, PGK

Pro-Life  Rosary
Meagan Schreyer Reception
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These photos are of Meagan Schreyer's reception at Sacred Heart Church, Friendship Room, after the 11:30 AM Mass on 27 July 2014. She has joined the Dominican Convent in Nashville, Tennessee and will begin her consecrated life on 15 August 2014.

Meagan has been adopted by the Knights of Columbus, Archbishop Neale Council, No. 2279 as its postulant for its Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP) which provides seminarians and postulants financial assistance and moral support. She will receive $500 a year as long as she is a postulant which is to be used for her personal use.

The council will keep Meagan and her family in its prayers.
Sister Anna Maria, Postulant,is the daughter of brother knight Michael and Laura Schreyer. She entered formation with the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia in August 2014 and takes her first vows in July 2016.

Jonathan Barahona
Fourth College
Saint John Paul II Seminary
Home Parish: St. Martin of Tours, Gaithersburg
Has been a certified lifeguard for 5 years. Oldest of three children.  Was studying education prior to entering seminary.
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Sunday Breakfast- March 2017
Sacred Heart Church - Friendship Room